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Pigment pastes BETAPRINT® are thick viscous liquids containing the triturated pigments with addition of auxiliary mean, which task is to stabilize the preparation and facilitate the introduction of pigments to the produced paint.


  • Thanks to the pigment pastes BETAPRINT®, the paint production process is shorter and easier as it is more reasonable to prepare earlier some difficult to disperse pigments and to add them to the already prepared paint in the form of the pigment paste at the proper moment of the production process.


  • It is also important to eliminate from the paint production process the dry, dust-forming components.


  • Pigment pastes BETAPRINT® are available in various weather and light fastnesses.


  • The viscosity of the paste can be adapted to specific customer needs.


  • In our offer we have organic and inorganic pigment pastes.


  • The product can be dispensed either by weight or by volume.


  • Our technologists ensure the highest quality of pigment preparations and therefore the colour shades are colouristically  precisely adjusted and exactly meet the customer's expectations.




Plastbud Sp.z o.o. offers development of the pigmentation systems in accordance with   the client's technical specification with consideration of the required degree of compatibility with his products.


Pigment pastes BETAPRINT®  are intended for production of water and solvent based products of the building chemistry for indoor and outdoor applications, especially for preparation of emulsion, silicone and silicate paints, plasters, enamels, lacquers, glazes and glues. They can be also used in paper and cellulose industries.
Selected pigment pastes BETAPRINT® fulfil the specifications set by the European regulation EN 71-3:1995 for the safety of toys.

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