print Pigment pastes for gel coats


Pigment pastes for gel coats are dispersions of pigments with addition of auxiliary means based on polyester resin.



- coloured gel coats,
- products based on polyester resins.

Colour palette of pigment pastes for gel coats*



RAL 1003


RAL 1023


RAL 2008


RAL 3020


RAL 4003


RAL 5005


RAL 5012


RAL 6002


RAL 6027


RAL 7037


RAL 7015


RAL 7035


RAL 8004


RAL 9005



Technical data sheet - download

The table shows only the base colour shades, which we have in our standard assortment.
At the request of our client we adapt the product to submitted sample or to RAL colour system.

*) Colours are for illustration only and may differ from the original due to the visual setting of your computer screen


Recommended dosage

In order to obtain the optimised coverage, 5 to 15% of pigment paste for the whole formulation should be applied.